Hilltop Farms in Grafton

Hilltop Farms in Grafton

Development profile

Development Location Information: 

6 Alfalfa Way

Development Photo: 

Property Manager / Lottery Agent Name: 

Mary DiDomenico

Email Address: 

Site Phone: 

Mobile Phone: 



TTY Phone: 

Development Description: 

Rental or Ownership: 

Includes ownership units

Other Lease Terms: 

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Income guide: 

1 person $46,100, 2 people $52,650, 3 people $59,250, 4 people $65,800, 5 people $71,100.

Asset Guide: 

Household asset limit $75,000.

Last Renewal Date: 

Friday, December 2, 2016

This development includes utilities in the cost of housing: 

This development has services attached: 

Accesibility Features: 

Is a referral from a service provider needed?: 


Application Type (If Applicable): 

First come, first served

Application Process: 

First Come First Served

Application Deadline: 

Friday, December 2, 2016

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No Unit Types Available